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Calendar of Events 3rd ˜Father’s Day Superhero Olympics @ FRC 1st ˜Closed for Canada Day @ FRC and CSS 1st Closed for Civic Holiday @ FRC and CSS
10th ˜Messy Church @ FRC 9th ˜Stampede Pancake Breakfast @ FRC 5th ˜Fabulous Family Friday Flick @ FRC
24th ˜Fabulous Family Friday Flick @ CSS 15th ˜Messy Church @ FRC 8th-9th ˜Backpack Days @ CSS
    22th ˜Fabulous Family Friday Flick @ CSS 12th ˜Messy Church @ FRC
    26th ˜Back to School Day @ FRC 26th ˜Fabulous Family Friday Picnic @ FRC
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