What a year!  Our Women’s Emergency Shelter program opened in late May, 2022.  After operating for several months as a nighttime only shelter, we were able to utilize space in our community building next door to give women access to support and essential needs 24 hrs a day.  Utilizing the great resources of our beautiful West Campus location, and with the help of community partners and faithful donors, the dedicated team at our Women’s Emergency Shelter have supported over 300 women in the past year! 

The shelter offers a safe place to rest for 18 women.   Three meals a day are provided with healthy snacks and occasional treats too.  There are storage spaces the women can lock, showers and laundry to use, and help with hygiene and clothing essentials as needed.  Residents have places to relax and also spaces to be active and creative. They have access to computers, opportunities for learning and healing, and on-going support and guidance as they work towards finding a true home. 

We are grateful that our smaller size allows our residents to feel safe and ensures we can support each woman individually.  It also means, however, that we have had to redirect hundreds of women in the last year to other facilities.  We are working on ways to help more women – let’s see what the next year brings! 



We pride ourselves on being welcoming . . . an open door to all in need.  What is news to many though, is that much of what happens at The Salvation Army Community Services (Calgary) is about opening doors out!  We open doors for our clients to the services and aids available to them – doors to solutions and opportunities – offering hope and respect as they transform their lives to step out into their community with their heads held high.  

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