Outreach is about taking the care and support that are at the very heart of The Salvation Army out of our buildings and onto the street and into encampments, to reach and serve some of our most vulnerable neighbours.

Our dedicated teams of both staff and volunteers are equipped to provide immediate essentials – things like socks and underwear and simple hygiene products. They also provide items to help manage the elements like winter clothing, safety blankets, hand warmers, sunscreen and hats. And, of course, we share food! Hot soup and drinks in the winter, fruit and snacks all year, and water and refreshing freezies in the summer.

Although essential, all the physical support is only a small piece of how Outreach serves. Our teams provide encouragement, education, system navigation, and support. From helping an individual make a phone call to book a health appointment, providing connections to shelters and housing supports, or simply asking how things are going and taking the time to listen; it is the building of relationship that makes a difference.

It begins like this . . .

Hello!    What’s your name?     How are you?    What do you need?    How can I help?

We are proud to serve alongside the many great agencies pushing back against homelessness in Calgary. We are also grateful to walk with our unhoused neighbours as they strive to move forward and work towards their unique goals.

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We pride ourselves on being welcoming . . . an open door to all in need.  What is news to many though, is that much of what happens at The Salvation Army Community Services (Calgary) is about opening doors out!  We open doors for our clients to the services and aids available to them – doors to solutions and opportunities – offering hope and respect as they transform their lives to step out into their community with their heads held high.  

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