Join our Army of Volunteers

In times of despair, everyone needs an army – that’s us. For over a hundred years the driving force of that army has always been our volunteers who proudly stand with us Behind the Shield.

Behind the Shield is not only where compassionate volunteers serve, it is where people find community and connection; where a smiling face brings hope and kindness to those who feel lost or forgotten and where lives are transformed through understanding and through being understood.

As a volunteer, how can you get involved?

At the core of what we do here at Salvation Army Community Services (Calgary) volunteers serve a pivotal role working in our shelters, food banks, Christmas programs, and more, while directly impacting the lives of our residents and clients.

Many volunteers help out behind the scenes, while others work directly with our residents and/or clients. Volunteers provide and offer needed services, such as serving food in our kitchen, helping in the laundromat, leading recreational classes and teaching English to those new to Canada. They may also participate in fundraising events, which raise money to support our programs and clients, assist with administrative and maintenance tasks, enabling employees to dedicate more time to achieve our mission, and welcome community members at our special events. Whether you are driven by a desire to give back, by your unwavering belief that all people deserve to be treated with dignity, or by your faith, volunteering with us will make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable people — and in your own life journey as well.

By Joining the Behind the Shield community, volunteers are committing to the belief no one should be alone in times of crisis – and they are ready to be there, without discrimination, for someone in need.


Learn more about joining our volunteer team here.