What We Do

A look inside who each of our 3 locations serves and how lives are transformed:




Morgan is open, honest, and very positive.  In the last couple of years though, she has lost her mom, had her third child – a little boy!, and unfortunately been victimized by her older children.   She lost her home, her emotional wellness animal, and most significantly, she lost custody of her young son. 

We are glad that our Emergency Women’s Shelter has given Morgan with a safe environment to begin rebuilding her life, and especially that we have provide a bright and inviting space where she can enjoy visits with her little boy.  These visits are the highlight of Morgan’s week and she is eager to talk about all her son is learning as he grows!

Morgan is focused on the work she needs to do; being consistent, getting supports in place, learning new skills, finding housing and – in the little time she gets each week – being a good mom.



Dana has spent much of his life in extreme poverty, battling addiction and living on the street. He found his way to our Men’s Emergency Shelter in October of 2022 and later moved into our Transitional Housing. Here he feels secure and safe.

There is work to do to get the diagnoses he needs to ensure access to supports, but the larger work for Dana is to heal. Years of living in survival mode have left him with a great deal of trauma. He remembers a time when he had a family he cared for, when he was a good roofer and could be proud of that, when he enjoyed playing the guitar and making music, but Dana has almost forgotten how to look forward. To recover from years of living without dignity and value will take time.

For Dana, the Centre of Hope is just that – a safe place of his own, with supportive staff and respectful fellow residents. Here, he has found a new faith, and each day Dana is trying to step forward with hope.

Client Paul with Rebecca - EDIT - W - Dont' use name


Paul has been without a home for 3 years. He is putting in the work to get back on his feet, but is struggling to find a suitable and affordable place to live. For now, he is grateful for the friendships he has made in the unhoused community. Paul appreciates how the community sticks together and helps one another.

Paul also appreciates our Mobile Warming Station. He is grateful for the food, but also really enjoys meeting our friendly and encouraging staff. We, in turn, are grateful for how Paul has become an unofficial ambassador for the Mobile Warming Station – sharing the schedule with others in the unhoused community and helping them feel comfortable when they visit us.


Ben and Dawn, together with their adult son Brian and their two younger boys, Sean and Jojo, are striving to keep their family going despite recent financial difficulties.

Ben is a welder and Brian is a mover. Dawn, a stay-at-home mom, uses her creativity to make beautiful items to sell. All three work hard, but as costs go up for baby needs, food, and housing – there rent has gone up hundreds of dollars! – the challenges of making ends meet are taking their toll.

Ben and Dawn both have come from a background of trauma and abuse and are determined to break the cycle and create a home that is healthy, supportive, and safe for their family.

“They saved me,” says Brian who, after years of living with an abusive mother, is thrilled to have connected with his dad and loves being a big brother and being part of a family that is a team.

The Salvation Army is helping with food and other essentials, but the most pressing need for the family is more affordable housing. They hope to stay in Forest Lawn as it is close to work and Sean enjoys his school.

Like so many in our city right now, they are looking for some breathing room so they can just focus on being a family!

Across all our campuses we offer the following as well:

Chaplaincy (Spiritual and Religious Care)

The Salvation Army is an international Christian Church, and the integration of spiritual and religious care is central to our mission. At Community Services (Calgary) we provide spiritual and religious care throughout our programming through the use of Chaplains. Our well-trained chaplains know and understand their role and field of ministry, and bring the discipline of theology and spiritual care to both our clients and staff.