What We Do

A look inside who each of our 3 locations serves and how lives are transformed:



Ben and Dawn, together with their adult son Brian and their two younger boys, Sean and Jojo, are striving to keep their family going despite recent financial difficulties.

Ben is a welder and Brian is a mover. Dawn, a stay-at-home mom, uses her creativity to make beautiful items to sell. All three work hard, but as costs go up for baby needs, food, and housing – there rent has gone up hundreds of dollars! – the challenges of making ends meet are taking their toll.

Ben and Dawn both have come from a background of trauma and abuse and are determined to break the cycle and create a home that is healthy, supportive, and safe for their family.

“They saved me,” says Brian who, after years of living with an abusive mother, is thrilled to have connected with his dad and loves being a big brother and being part of a family that is a team.

The Salvation Army is helping with food and other essentials, but the most pressing need for the family is more affordable housing. They hope to stay in Forest Lawn as it is close to work and Sean enjoys his school.

Like so many in our city right now, they are looking for some breathing room so they can just focus on being a family!


Like most of us, Duncan has had lots of ups and downs in life.  He believes that God has brought him here to the Centre of Hope and he is grateful for the support he has found here – both from staff and fellow residents.  After addiction treatment, Duncan began rebuilding his life in 2022.  Unfortunately, in April 2023 his recovery was interrupted by a heart attack, stroke, and a diagnosis of epilepsy.  After years of being dedicated to his job as a truck driver, Duncan’s whole life shifted.  A friend helped him get to Calgary, but then a few more difficulties brought him to our doors. 

One thing that has been a constant in Duncan’s life is music.  He has almost always carried a guitar in his travels and would play when he could.  A positive outcome of Duncan’s current situation is that he has been able to spend more time playing and writing songs.   With some great insights to share about loneliness, recovery, and life on the street, we hope – as he does – that he will be able to pursue his music and share his songs with the world! 



“We don’t plan for failure,” is how Rabia – a professional and a single mother – summed up what brought her to our Emergency Women’s Shelter. Rabia boldly took a chance to move her family to Mississauga and go back to school. Unfortunately, things were not successful in the ways she hoped and a year later, Rabia found herself out of work and unable to provide a home for herself and her kids. 

Rabia returned to Calgary and, after ensuring her kids were safe with their father, came to our Shelter. Eager to provide a home for her children again, Rabia set to work. With support from our Resource Specialists, she diligently applied for jobs and looked for affordable housing. Her efforts were rewarded and, in a month, Rabia found a good job. 

Now, with some help from a program where our clients can access funding for damage deposits and first month’s rent, she has also found a new home for herself and her children. She is grateful for the help, encouragement and hope she found with The Salvation Army.

Across all our campuses we offer the following as well:

Chaplaincy (Spiritual and Religious Care)

The Salvation Army is an international Christian Church, and the integration of spiritual and religious care is central to our mission. At Community Services (Calgary) we provide spiritual and religious care throughout our programming through the use of Chaplains. Our well-trained chaplains know and understand their role and field of ministry, and bring the discipline of theology and spiritual care to both our clients and staff.