Serving Families – East Campus

Our East Campus, based in Forest Lawn, provides services and programs with a focus on literacy and education for families. 

No two families are exactly alike and our programming is structured to recognize this diversity and accommodate the various needs of every family unit we serve. 

It is our mission to help strengthen families so that they can thrive and grow beyond just meeting their basic needs each day.  

Helping with Essentials

We provide emergency food hampers and other aids to help those struggling with food security.  By relieving the burden and stress of figuring out where their next meal is coming from, we give individuals and families the freedom to focus on other areas where growth and support may be needed.  We support in the moment, but also offer proactive and preventative solutions to the variety of barriers many low-income Calgarians face.



Annual Family Support Programs

We offer three annual programs that help ensure parents with limited incomes can still ensure their children get to enjoy significant childhood experiences – summer camp, back to school, and holiday gifts. Registration for each program will be available here on our website.

Learning Together

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

By helping our clients enhance their English language skills it’s our hope that they will be able to further their careers, education, financial security, social stability, and day-to-day lives in Canada.

Financial Literacy

Managing finances is an important life skill.  We offer support to low income individuals and families and provide tools that will help them to manage and improve their financial situation.  Clients can access information about everything from assets, budgeting, banking, credit, and consumerism, and learn about the technical and behavioural components of financial literacy.

Client Tax Return Program

The ability to understand, access necessary tools, and complete and submit an annual tax return is a significant barrier for many. Through this program we help individuals attain, mitigate poverty and remove the barriers to filing, helping ensure access to government financial support and subsidies and ultimately helping to bolster overall household finances.

Parent and Child Programming

A variety of programs for ages 0 – 12 encourage and support learning.  Many programs also help parents and children connect and learn together. Programs do require registration – reach out through the email or phone at the bottom of this page.

Youth Engagement and Leadership

Youth of all ages living in low-income households often struggle with literacy, adding to the variety of barriers that make them vulnerable to bullying, mental health issues, isolation, addiction and more.  We provide physical aids (Backpack program) and engagement and education programs to help youth develop pre-reading skills, language and comprehension skills, social skills, self- esteem and confidence. We want to support youth of all ages to stay in school, make healthy choices and access opportunities for further education and career development. Healthy, happy, supported youth can become the future leaders their communities need.

Recreation Space

A big recreation space is a canvas for multiple types of events that support and engage individuals, families, and youth.  Partnering with The Inside and SkateLife we will be offering weekly times with our modular Skatepark, but other sports and activities will also happen here.

To learn more about any of these programs, please call 403.220.0432 or email:

East Campus

(403) 220-0432