Serving Families – East Campus

Our East Campus, based in Forest Lawn, provides services and programs with a focus on literacy and education for families. No two families are exactly alike and our programming is structured to recognize this diversity and accommodate the various needs of every family unit we serve. It is our mission to help strengthen families so that they can thrive and grow beyond just meeting their basic needs each day.  

Programs Offered 

Financial Literacy Program:

This program offers support for individuals and families living on low incomes and additional barriers being experienced through foundational financial education. It covers everything from assets, budgeting, banking, credit, and consumerism, along with the technical and behavioural components of financial literacy. Managing finances is an important life skill and this program is meant to provide the tools that will support individuals to improve their financial situation. 

Client Tax Program:

For many families at our East Campus, income tax services are costly, unaffordable and stressful. Through this program we want to help individuals attain government financial support and subsidies, mitigate poverty and remove any barriers to filing, ultimately helping to bolster overall household finances.  

Food Distribution Program:

Food is a basic human need and we offer this and then some to our clients. Once clients begin to receive food hampers, it opens the door for us to work with individuals and families proactively and preventatively. It’s our mission to relieve the burden and stress of where their next meal is coming from so that they can take time to plan and think about other things beyond basic needs. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program:

By helping our clients enhance their English language skills it’s our hope that they will be able to further their careers, education, financial security, social stability, and day-to-day lives in Canada. 

Youth Literacy Program:

When children fall behind in their literacy skills they tend to experience emotional difficulties, bullying and social rejection from their peers. Our children’s literacy programming helps to foster their love of books from an early age while developing pre-reading skills, language skills and comprehension to improve a child’s cognitive development, self-esteem and confidence. We want to support all children from all literacy development levels so that no child feels left behind and they are able to hone their skills, stay in school and continue taking opportunities to further their education. 


Seperate from our family focussed programing, we also have an outreach team at our East Campus. They spend their time on the streets, in back alleys and off the beaten paths in the Greater Forest Lawn area, getting to know the men and women who live in encampments and learn what their unique needs are. Once relationships are established, we support them in accessing housing and transitional resources.

To learn more, call 403.220.0432 or email:

East Campus

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* We are still offering remote services. New location is coming soon.